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Stylish, Informative, and Entertaining Wine Events

Smile!  You're on camera!  

Unparalleled Taste makes it a point of capturing those moments we have when we're with family and friends, enjoying a glass of wine and a smile or two!

Thank you for having us in your homes and at your events.  It's an honor we take seriously, and we appreciate it.







Mary Jo and Fritz - October 2012 - Mary Jo and Fritz were the proud recipients of an Unparalleled Taste auction item at their local church, St. Peter Chanel.  They received a wine tasting from us, as well as a 15 course tapas meal, created and served at their home by Chef Ted Lescher of Lucky's Burger and Brew in Roswell, GA.  Mary Jo, Fritz, and friends had a wonderful  evening. 


 Alfredia Scott & Friends, October 2012 - Thank you for the hospitality!  A great group of friends and family gathered at Alfredia's home for a wine tasting.  We tried some sweeter wines that evening, and they were quite good!  Thank you for having us!

Ovie Omene - October 2012 - Ovie had a group of friends over to learn about wine...they knew a lot more than they originally thought.  Great group of friends!  

Kiersten Hollifeld, October 2012 - Kiersten had her friends over to celebrate some good times and learn more about French wines....Gerry did a good job of picking them (as he always does!)  Awesome wines!

Nadine Walker, October 2012 - Nadine and her friends gathered in a really cool section of Buckhead to celebrate her birthday.  Everyone had a good time.

Jared Simons, October 2012 - Jared and his friends enjoyed an evening of wine tasting with some California wines. We were glad we could be a part of it!

Benjamin Portman and Friends, October 2012 - Benjamin had his friends over for a wine tasting and some great appetizers!  Benjamin is a great chef!  Bon Appetit!  

Tamara George, September, 2012 - Tamara enjoyed an afternoon of wine tasting, great food, family and friends.  Tamara's mother made an awesome spread of food, and it all went well with the great wines they chose for their event.  Thank you for having us.

Kelli Smith and Friends, September 2012 - Kelli was a gracious hostess, she hosted a party for her friend who was getting married...the ladies had a great time!

Claudia Warthen's Wine Tasting, September 2012 - Claudia enterained her friends and family with a delightful wine tasting.  Great evening was had by all!

Andre Campbell and Friends, September 2012 - Andre had a simple mission: to learn more about wine and have fun with his friends.  We certainly accomplished that!  I think we could have hung out all night.  Really nice friends, and lots of fun to be around.  Thanks for having us!

Bonnie Kelly, September 2012 - Bonnie and her husband had their friends over to sample some French wines...some we brought with us, and some they supplied from a recent trip to France.  Each wine was better than the next!  Great taste in wine...and food.  Bonnie prepared a full tappas meal paired with each wine we tasted.  Thank you!

Alison Louie and Friends, September, 2012 - Alison and her husband hosted their friends...Alison's husband is an amazing chef!  Thanks for letting us enjoy a bite or two!  We enjoyed some great French wines that evening.

Kim Cook and Friends, September, 2012 - Kim and her husband had us over and their friends to enjoy an evening of great wines and conversation.

Stacey Magness & Friends, September, 2012 - Stacey and her friends got together for a good evening.  Thanks for having us! 

Patty Gaddis and Friends, August 2012  Patty and her husband had us over to host a wine tasting with her friends.  All of the friends were from the immediate neighborhood.  We all enjoyed ourselves.  And I got to meet some folks from my old 'hood'....JERSEY!  I love meeting people from Jersey down here.  Good stuff.   


Happy Birthday Tara!, August 2012  Tara invited her friends to the Embassy Suites in Buckhead to celebrate her birthday.  It was a really nice time and she has a great group of friends.  Thank you for having us!  Hooray for Vouvray!      

Carol Frey's Wine Tasting, September 2012  Carol Frey had a great birthday party for her husband.  They invited several great friends and enjoyed an evening of wine tasting.  The selection of wines was from California.    

Jessica Tyrell's Wine Tasting, September 2012  Jessica and family threw her mom a really great party....we served some sweeter wines per their request....great group of people...Gerry and I wish we could have stayed.  Hope we get to go back!

Jenny & Jeff's Wine Tasting, August 2012  Jenny & Jeff had a delightful dinner party for their friends...everyone had some really great questions regarding French was a really nice evening.   

Jim & Shawn's Wine Tasting, August 2012  Jim & Shawn had their friends over to enjoy a wine tasting and a nice dinner.  Everyone had some great questions, and really enjoyed themselves. 

Susan Easom Wine Tasting - French Wines, August 2012  Susan celebrated her husband's birthday with a wine tasting including French Wines.  It was a great evening!    

Soleil Laurel Canyon - August 2012  The folks up at Soleil Laurel Canyon are always so gracious to have us back so often.  They enjoy their wine, and they enjoy their friendships....thank you for having us.      

Unparalleled Taste had the opportunity travel far and wide yet again.....Gerry and I had to split up to attempt all our wine tastings, but it was worth it...we met a lot of great people.  Here are some of the highlights

Sue & Randall's Wine Tasting   A drive out to Kennsaw State Park, but it was well worth it.  The landscape and surroundings lent itself to a delightful evening.  Thank you for having us.  

Karen & Jeff's Wine Tasting   Gerry spent a great evening speaking to a group of wine connoseiurs.  A pleasant evening was had by all.   

Unparalleled Taste is getting around!  We have been to so many places in the last month...Smyrna, Brookhaven, Atlanta, Marietta...and many more places to come.  Here are some highlights from our past tastings.... 

Eleanore, Richard & Friends...Monthly Wine Tasting...Marietta, GA, July 2012

Kelly and Friends, Atlanta, GA, July 2012

 Ryan's Parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary, Brookhaven, GA, July 2012

Tia's Birthday Party, Smyrna, GA      

Unparalleled Taste held three wine tastings this past weekend.  What a blast!  Gerry and I met some really great people along the way, and enjoyed some fabulous wines.  Please check out the tasting notes on our blog:   

We tasted the following wines:  Josefina - Syrah Rose, Trellis - Sauvignon Blanc, Three Knights - Chardonnay, Three-Knights Pinot Noir, and Montpellier Cabernet Sauvignon.

Morgan's Wine Tasting, July 22nd, 2012    

Monica & George's Party, July 21, 2012     

Diane S. Neighborhood Get-Together, July 20, 2012     

Unparalleled Taste made it out to Soleil Laurel Canyon for a tennis charity event in July 2012.  The professionals worked hard to show off their talents, and everyone had a good time.  Afterwards the Les Marmitons, the gastronomic and social club of gentlement who have a common interest in fine food, wine and the culinary arts created a delightful feast for everyone to enjoy.  Thank you for having us.  It was a great turnout. 

Eric & Joanne's Holiday Get-Together  Some great friends of ours had a holiday get-together at their was a great way of doing something different for your friends and family at this time of the year.  We sampled some pretty great wines, all from Washington State.  A great time was had by all!  The wines we sampled were:  Pine & Post - Chardonnay, Hogue Cellars - Chardonnay, Radius - Cabernet Sauvignon, 14 Hands - Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pine & Post - Merlot.   

Soleil Laurel Canyon - Part III This group had us back for a 'Holiday Food and Wine Pairing'.  We always enjoy our time with these folks.  They are lots of fun, and are always interested in learning more about wines.  We tried some Italian wines and took a brief virtual tour of the region.  Can't wait to see y'all in February....     

Miss Laura's Neighborhood Party Neighborhood get-together's and housewarming parties are a great way of making new friends, enjoying your family members and definitely trying new wines.  Our friend Miss Laury had us over to do just that.  If you're looking for another way of planning a party or doing something different (rather than just a regular ol' barbecue), add Unparalleled Taste to your event....everyone has such a great time discussing all the different wines we try....thank you for having us!  


St. Peter Chanel, July 2011

Unparalleled Taste made it to St. Peter Chanel in Roswell, GA for a 2nd annual wine tasting.  A great group of people asking all the right questions about wine.  Thank you for having us...hopefully we'll see y'all next Spring!      

Darlington Apartments, July 2011 - Darlington Apartments in Midtown, Atlanta.  This event was held by Tribridge Residential to ‘show-off’ a newly renovated building to real estate agents in the area.   We had a lot of fun!  The wines we sampled that night were VNTJS - Sauvignon Blanc, Three Knights - Chardonnay, Varietals - Zinfandel, Three Knights - Pinot Noir, and Joseph Handler - Riesling.    

Mommies, Married's & Me, Women's Networking Group Hosted by Judy Knight at the Urban Oasis Bed & Breakfast Mommies, Married's and Me had an Italian wine tasting (along with a delightful assortment of homemade Italian foods from their group) at a great bed & breakfast, the Urban Oasis located in the Inman Park section of Atlanta, GA.  Mommies, Married's and Me is a Women's Networking Group located in Atlanta, GA, and created by Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpi. Unparalleled Taste took the group on a virtual tour of Italy and sampled wines from the Northest, Central, Southeast and Sicilian areas of Italy.  These wines were Trebiano (Pinot Grigio), Montepuliciano (D'Abruzzo), Trentatre (Rosso), Sangiovese, and Nero D'Avola (Sicilia). Thank you so much for having us!  We had a great time.        


Soleil Laurel Canyon - Part II  Unparalleled Taste was welcomed back to Soleil Laurel Canyon for an opportunity to talk about Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley and Lake Mendacino wines.  We love this place!  The wines we tasted were:  Crake Lake (Pinot Grigio 2009), Camelot (Chardonnay 2008), Clos du Bois (Chardonnay 2009), Crane Lake (Cabernet Sauvignon 2009), Five Rivers (Pinot Noir 2009).  Thank you so much for having us! 

Soleil Laurel Canyon Unparalleled Taste went to Soleil Laurel Canyon recently to host a wine tasting with the members of this great community.   Guests at this event tasted the following wines:  Green Fin (White Table Wine), Santa Barbara Landing (Chardonnay), Three Knights (Merlot), Rabbit Ridge (Allure), Spiral Wines (Cabernet).  Everyone had a great time.  Another wine tasting will be held in April, and a tour of the Dahlonega Wineries is being planned for May 2011!      

St Peter Chanel Woman's Group Unparalleled Taste just held the Second Annual Women's Club Wine Tasting. All attendees indicated that they had a very entertaining and educational evening.  A follow up event is being  planned for this fall.     Wines tasted included: Alexander & Fitch - Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Barbara Landing - Pinot Noir Green Fin - White Table Wine, Blue Fin- Chardonnay, Dr. Beckermann - Reisling Auslese  

Edenwilde Women's Club Unparalleled Taste worked with the club to design a wine tasting specific to food pairings for the holidays!  Awesome fun! Thank you to the Women's Club!  Wines tasted that night included:Angeline - Pinot Noir, Trumpeter - Cabernet Sauvignon, Murphy Goode Estate - Chardonnay, Cottesbrook - Sauvignon Blanc Gruet Demi-Sec - Champagne  

Mike's 60th Birthday Party - Unparalleled Taste kicked off the party with a tasting of Chateau St. Michelle Reisling, and proceeded to taste the rest of the wines in between the 5 course meal.  Other wines tasted that evening: Cremante Bourgne, ChampagneD'Autefois, Pinot Noir, Guenoc, Chardonnaey, Kembelfield, Sauvignon Blanc